FAQ – On the Company’s side

Does Antares investment imply that I will loose control of my company?
No, the management of the company will stay with the entrepreneur, who will have Antares’ support in the areas agreed with him/her. Major issues (investments of relevant size, capital increase, etc.) will be decided together.

What are the benefits of Antares investing in my company?
You will have the chance to attain a more ambitious business plan exploiting your company’s full potential.

Who will decide the growth plan of my company and the investments needed?
Before investment by Antares, an industrial plan will be shared. It will clearly define all business objectives and how to achieve them.

Can Antares support my company growth on international markets?
Yes, through Antares Management Team’s international network and through the entrepreneurs who have invested in Antares, having a presence in all the main international markets.

Does Antares consider also minority ownership in the company?
Yes, Antares can also make minority investments.

Will Antares enter into my company subscribing a capital increase or acquiring shares from the existing owners?
In general, through a capital increase because the aim is to provide the company with financial resources to grow.

How long does Antares remain an investor in my company?
Approximately 5 to 6 years.

When Antares divests its shareholding, will I also be  obliged to sell my equity stake in the company?
No, you can buy back Antares shareholding, have a financial or industrial player buy it, or liquidate Antares through a listing on a financial market.

How will Antares value my company?
According to the market valuation existing in the sector where your company operates.

Will Antares use a high leverage, thus jeopardizing the financial structure  and business of my company?
No, Antares will always adopt a balanced and sustainable financial structure.

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